Join Therapy First

Are you a mental health professional who believes that individuals experiencing gender-related concerns ought to be treated using a whole person approach? Then please consider joining Therapy First.

A Therapy First membership allows you to join our community of mental health providers, where you can share resources, exchange ideas, and build relationships. It also allows you to access free or low-cost resources including peer consultation groups, webinars, and trainings.

Benefits of membership

When you join Therapy First, you will have the option to list yourself in our growing directory of mental health professionals who work with gender dysphoric young people, their families, and people who have detransitioned. Listing yourself in the directory is not required.

The annual membership fee of $50 helps us maintain our private, collaborative platform, so that we can provide you with the best support available, develop educational content, and build a community of purpose.

You can develop your practice in line with the ethics of working with young people who present with gender dysphoria and gender identity related challenges, as well as those who experience regret and grief around medical transition, including individuals who undergo a detransition process. This growing population of clients — and their family members — need services. Becoming part of this community will help you to connect with your clients and build a robust practice.


Access to a private community of other clinicians where you can share information and resources and find support and fellowship.


Weekly free peer consultation groups.


Free access to our full library of recorded webinars.


Discounted admission to all live webinars.


Optional inclusion in a public directory of therapists.

Frequently asked questions

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Do I have to join the directory?

No! Adding your name to the directory is completely optional, and you can add or remove yourself at any time. We understand that this is fraught area and that there are many good and valid reasons for wanting to keep a low profile. You can participate in the private community, peer consultations, and trainings without your membership in Therapy First being public knowledge.

Do you condone conversion therapy?

Absolutely not. As we clarify in our Membership Statement, we oppose conversion therapy. We favor a psychotherapy process that does not impose a predetermined agenda.

How can I get training to work with gender distressed young people and their families?

Therapy First offers a wide range of trainings. Therapy First members can access the full catalog of the recordings of prior webinars for free. Therapy First members also receive discounted admission to all live webinars.

Therapy First sponsors several regular peer consultation groups. The Therapy First private community is also a place to ask general questions and seek input.

I’m interested in working with people who have detransitioned. Can Therapy First help me to learn how?

Therapy First offers training, peer consultation, and various other resources to help mental health professionals learn how to provide high quality clinical care to  people who have detransitioned, as well as to those who have not detransitioned but feel harmed by gender medicine and experience regret and/or grief related to medical transition.

Do I have to be a licensed therapist to join Therapy First?

Therapy First membership is available to licensed mental health professionals and students in graduate programs in the mental health field. If you are not licensed, you will need to clearly indicate this if you add yourself to the directory. 

Are all Therapy First members from the same theoretical orientation?

Therapy First is open to any clinician who agrees with our membership statement, regardless of theoretical orientation. Many Therapy First members are trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy, but others are skilled in CBT, somatic experiencing, or DBT. Therapy First does not subscribe to a single model of therapy.